Photographing newborns is a wonderful part of my job. Ideally the shoot should be when baby is 6-10 days old. At this age they are still all curled up and super sleepy. Get in touch around your 20 week scan and I can pencil in your due date and 7 days after for your shoot – As babies do not tend to arrive on time just pop my name on the list of the first people you tell when they do arrive! We can then schedule a shoot once you are home and settled with baby. I will bring blankets, hair bands, hats, and little outfits with me! Do not worry about buying anything for the shoot. I just use a good space by some natural light and I can capture photographs that truly show how beautiful your new arrival is. We can get family photographs, with older siblings and all the tiny details of your new baby…  I can’t wait to meet you all!

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